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Services We Provide

  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Physiotherapy is an ever-changing therapeutic practice that utilizes a comprehensive and intensive approach with a number of benefits. It seeks to help patients restore, maintain and make the most out of their personal strength and well-being. The term “physiotherapy” is synonymous with “physical therapy” and are used interchangeably; this therapeutic practice can help you become stronger, more flexible, reduce pain, prevent injury and more.

    Our physiotherapists have a comprehensive knowledge of how the body works and responds to certain triggers. We apply specialized hands-on clinical techniques to measure, identify and treat symptoms. We are able to accurately access your healthcare requirements through working in collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

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  3. Massage Therapy
  4. A wealth of tremendous benefits can be achieved through the use of massage therapy. Whether you are using it to reduce muscle tension, for relief from chronic pain or simply for relaxation, it can greatly impact your emotional and physical well-being. Massage therapy is an ideal treatment for patients of all ages and can help prevent or maintain illness.

    Our registered massage therapists use a choice blend of modern sciences and traditional philosophies to deliver an effective treatment. Some conditions that we can treat include back pain, stress, inflammatory conditions, muscle conditions, repetitive strain injuries and more. Massage therapy should be considered for both acute and chronic conditions.

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  5. Chiropractic
  6. Chiropractic is a hands-on, non-invasive approach that has a strong focus on the musculoskeletal system to treat conditions related to musculoskeletal pain and irritation. The chiropractors at Spectrum Rehab perform an in-depth examination of our clients to determine the cause of complaint. To determine the root of the issue, we perform a series of diagnostic methods including joint mobility assessment, postural and gait analysis, x-rays and more.

    After the diagnosis is complete, chiropractic treatment will commence. This service includes joint adjustment, muscle release therapy, nutritional advice, rehabilitative exercises and more. During treatment, our patients will enjoy health benefits such as increased joint mobility, lowered stress, and much more.

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  7. Custom Orthotics
  8. Foot orthotics are custom-made shoe insoles that are moulded to the anatomy of your foot. They are designed to provide support and offer flexibility. Orthotics are commonly prescribed in combination with physiotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic as the biomechanical abnormalities are often connected.

    At Spectrum Rehab our orthotics are made with the patient in mind and are created using a unique blend of materials. Whether you require our services for a casual shoe, an athletic shoe or something else, you can feel confident that we are fabricating something personal for your individual needs. During our original assessment, we evaluate how you walk, your alignment, and make informed recommendations for the type of orthotics that would best suit you and your lifestyle.

  9. Shockwave
  10. Shockwave therapy is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment that is used in orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine and more. This type of therapy uses auditory pressure waves to infiltrate the bone and soft tissue. It is mainly used in areas with major connective tissue that attaches to the bone, such as the elbow, shoulder, knee and foot.

    Our physiotherapists use a wand-like device that allows us to direct the acoustic pressure waves on the injured area. The waves are used to, essentially, “re-injure” the area on a cellular level to break up the scar tissue and promote a natural healing environment. Shock wave therapy is a great method used to return the body to its pre-injury functionality.

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  11. Chronic Pain Management
  12. At Spectrum Rehab we offer a management program that provides inpatient and outpatient chronic pain care to keep an eye on the progression or regression. We use integrated interventional techniques and have a special interest in the importance of patient education and motivation for dealing with chronic pain symptoms.

    An integral part of our service is empathy; we assure that our patients feel heard and have adequate time to discuss their pain issues without feeling rushed. We understand the societal stigma that chronic illnesses, especially invisible chronic illnesses have, and respond accordingly.

  13. Psychologist and psychotherapist
  14. Our psychotherapists provide a range of treatments aimed at helping to facilitate an organizational or social change for our patients. We intend to help our clientele understand their feelings, and identify what provokes positive, negative, anxious or depressed thoughts. The specialized treatments we perform can equip those with the tools necessary to cope with triggering situations with a more adaptive response.

    Some of our methods include cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy, narrative therapy and more. Our trained professionals will prescribe what they deem to be the best method for you depending on what you are suffering from, or what you respond most positively to.

  15. Active specialist
  16. No matter what you are suffering from, we have a qualified list of professionals available to answer the call. Our mission is to keep our patients well-informed, and well-taken care of, and our actives specialist allows us to do so.

    By having active specialists on hand, our clients can feel comforted that we are not outsourcing information and that there is someone in-house who is able to respond to any inquiry. We consider this integral to providing you with the best service.

  17. Nutritionist
  18. Nutritionists are experts in food and nutrition, and are trained to advise people on what they should be taking in in order to lead their healthiest life possible, or to achieve an individualized health-related goal. Our nutritionists provide customized information depending on each patient’s circumstances.

    Nutritional information is often confusing, overwhelming or bloated. We take the confusion off of your hands and use our industry techniques to get you consuming the foods that are best for your body and your individual goals. We conduct an analysis of your eating habits and create a custom-made meal plan based on your preferences, budget, goals and lifestyle.